Workplace hospitality: a vital ingredient for modern companies

If the last couple of years has taught us anything, it’s that businesses must be able to adapt quickly to the changing pace of everyday life. At Eurest, we’re proud to make this a piece of cake for companies across the UK through Fresh, our workplace hospitality solution that balances delicious food with convenient delivery options.

Here’s why workplace hospitality solutions like Fresh are a vital ingredient for modern companies as we move towards a future where flexibility, sustainability and health must come first.

Meet the ever-evolving needs of the workplace

Thanks to our innovative workplace hospitality solution, office-based companies can support employee wellbeing and help their team to meet their nutritional needs.

Fresh allows employees to choose from a range of tempting dishes and have them delivered to their desk or meeting room. From breakfast options to boardroom refreshments, we proudly connect employees to the dishes they’re craving, wherever they’re working.

Employees can also manage their meal orders through our handy Time2Eat app, making Fresh a scalable solution for companies with fluctuating headcounts. 

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Keep your employees happy and healthy

The link between wellness and workplace satisfaction is well-documented; it’s no secret that healthier employees are more productive and less likely to take time off. 

With more people considering the importance of wellbeing than ever before, it’s time for employers to show they care through corporate perks, schemes and hospitality solutions that put health first. 

With our health-focused workplace hospitality services, we’ve made it easier than ever for companies to do so. Whether it’s time for lunch or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, Fresh allows employees to choose wholesome dishes that align with their dietary requirements and keep them energised throughout the day. 

Offering a more nutritional alternative to ready meals, high street fast food, or the all-too-common skipping of lunch, our dishes are packed full of quality ingredients for happy, healthy employees.

Go green with planet-friendly workplace hospitality

In 2015, almost half of UK employees were inspired to work for companies with positive social and environmental values – and this trend is only set to rise as climate conversations grow louder.

Going paperless and encouraging your employees to walk to work is just the start. By finding new ways to reduce your company’s food footprint, such as by working with the Eurest team, you can feel good about every part of your business.

Our workplace hospitality solutions are rooted in our passion for sustainability and designed to help businesses reduce their food and packaging waste without compromising on convenience.

We’ve partnered with a network of farmers and wholesalers who share our enthusiasm for protecting the environment, and cook with locally, ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients to ensure we always practice what we preach.


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At Eurest, we’ve made it our mission to connect the UK’s leading companies to workplace hospitality and food solutions that are great for businesses, employees and the planet. To find out more, simply call us on 0121 457 5207 or email us at

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