Our catering & food services for industry businesses

Busy teams need food services that are as efficient as they are. That’s why our industry catering solutions are designed with the needs of warehouses, distribution centres and other large-scale operators in mind.

From managing on-site canteens to keeping vending machines fully stocked around the clock, we deliver healthy meals in ways that make sense.

Industry Food Services

High-performing industries

Armed with a team of culinary experts and primed to deliver excellence, we create industry food services with dietary, nutritional and cultural understanding in mind.

Whether we’re catering for your warehouse, factory or distribution centre, we prepare menus and meals to keep you fuelled all day, every day.

Core Green

Energy-boosting catering for manufacturers, warehouses & distribution centres

a smiling chef talking to another chef working in industry catering

Sustainable food services

Keeping the wellbeing of your team and the planet at the top of your agenda is crucial today, and we’re here to help.

We collaborate with inspired, passionate and knowledgeable people to create innovative food services for industry businesses that, helping them achieve their environmental and social responsibilities.

Uplifting food, delivered to you

Great-tasting and nutritional food has a positive impact on people in and out of the workplace, helping to refuel, refresh, engage and motivate.

That’s why we deliver truly people-focused catering solutions, tailored to the needs of your industry and designed to keep your team happy, healthy and productive.

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