Weekly wellness advice from our team to yours

We know that empowered people make positive dietary and lifestyle choices. That’s why we’ve introduced Wellness Wednesdays, our weekly campaign connecting employees to expert advice in ways that make sense for them.

Wellness Wednesdays encourage you to look at more than what’s on your plate with a holistic approach to health – helping you take care of your mind and body, at work and at home.

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Healthy hump days

Every Wednesday, our wellbeing experts share invaluable health advice, both online and in the workplaces we’re based in. Our mission is to equip employees across the UK with the knowledge they need to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing.

Wellness Wednesdays may happen once a week, but our commitment to championing positive lifestyle choices guides us every day.

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Helping you take care of your mind, body & soul

We believe there’s power in taking a more holistic approach to health, which is why Wellness Wednesdays encourage you to consider more than the food you’re eating.

With the help of our wellbeing team, you’ll have access to advice covering a broad range of topics, including sleep, exercise, mental health and sustainability.

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Connecting you to expert advice & healthier choices, every week

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Got some food for thought?

Whether you’d like to chat about our food services, or you’ve got a question about our initiatives, we’re always happy to help. Pop your details into the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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