The benefits of having food & catering technology at work

Every day, we use technology to make our lives easier at work – but it’s safe to say that some forms of tech are better received than others! Your employees may not love getting trained in confusing new software or digital processes, but food and catering technology can certainly make the workplace a more enjoyable place to be.

Catering technology enhances the work experience

Today, up to 82% of UK employees admit to not always taking their lunch breaks, with hectic schedules regularly touted as the reason why. For employers, the challenge isn't just to create a culture that encourages employees to take their lunch breaks.

By introducing work catering technology, such as our self-service micromarkets, businesses can provide delicious and nutritionally balanced meals to even their busiest employees. From picking up a sandwich between meetings to grabbing hot drinks before an important presentation, food technology in the workplace allows employees to refuel when they’re in a rush. 

What’s more, for workplaces that struggle to provide on-site food solutions, such as offices with limited food preparation facilities, catering technology is ideal. Self-service micromarkets and vending machines make fresh food available 24 hours a day, ensuring employees have access to great-tasting snacks and meals around the clock.

Food Catering Technology
Food Catering

Catering technology keeps employees safe at work

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have faced additional workplace safety challenges. However, thanks to innovative food catering solutions, many are better equipped to promote social distancing in their cafés and restaurants, even during peak dining hours.

At Eurest, we’re proud to help businesses keep their employees safe with Time2Eat. Our workplace meals app allows employees to pre-order dishes, choose between delivery and click-and-collect options, and ultimately skip the dreaded canteen queue.

Time2Eat, alongside our micromarkets and vending machines, also lets employees opt for a contactless payment process, helping to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

Food and catering technology empower businesses

It’s not just employees who benefit from food technology. Introducing a flexible and easily adaptable catering process at work also empowers businesses, whether it’s by overcoming staff shortages or reducing operational costs through self-service solutions.

Making flavoursome and freshly cooked dishes easily accessible at work also encourages employees to dine on-site, rather than heading out to eat at local cafés and restaurants. This gives your team a chance to develop better relationships with their colleagues, which we know is all part of creating a happy and unified workforce.

Enriching your workplace food experiences with Eurest

At Eurest, we’re proud to refuel, refresh and motivate employees across the UK’s leading businesses through state-of-the-art workplace catering technology. Thanks to our self-service solutions and Time2Eat app, we’re able to connect employees to nourishing food in ways that are convenient, cost-effective and tailored to the modern workplace. 

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