Corporate & office catering services

We know just how important it is to protect your physical and mental health, and we’re here to help. That’s why our corporate and office catering services are inspired by people, prepared sustainably and designed to be flexible. As a result, they’ll ensure you can stay energised and concentrate on what you do best.


Key to your company culture

In workplaces with an employee restaurant, 70% of workers eat lunch with colleagues, compared to just 38% in places without onsite facilities.

That’s why we believe corporate and office-based companies that provide high-quality, nourishing food services are investing in their future. With healthy, carefully crafted dishes, we champion socially and environmentally responsible corporate catering for companies people truly want to be a part of.

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People & planet-friendly services

We know the pressure is on to become more sustainable and responsible, with the wellbeing of your employees and the planet at the top of the agenda.

That’s why we’re dedicated to working with passionate people and innovating to achieve your corporate targets with conscious food services.

Core Green

According to our Global Eating at Work survey, 67% of workers make a conscious effort to eat healthier when in the office.

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Fuelling your workday

Spark creativity and keep energy levels high with our office café services, specifically tailored to your unique needs and budget.

With a wide range of hot drinks from high street names like Café Nero and Starbucks, our coffee and café services are the perfect way to show employees that their wellbeing matters.

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Keeping offices happy & healthy

We know that health is wealth, and our nutritionists ensure that our office food services are built to truly fuel your people.

Whether workers are in the boardroom or on the go, our passionate and knowledgeable people deliver culinary excellence, ensuring all menus are created with dietary, nutritional and cultural understanding in mind.

Got some food for thought?

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