How workplace restaurants & cafés can help to build better employee relationships

At Eurest, we believe that forming strong bonds and interpersonal relationships between employees can often be the secret ingredient to success.

In this article we explore why a workplace restaurant or café can be the answer when it comes to improving engagement, bringing your employees closer together and boosting your business as a result.

Boosting productivity and morale through great food

Whether your team members want to start the day with an energy-boosting coffee, or fuel up with a tasty, nutritious, and balanced breakfast, workplace food services can help staff to feel appreciated, motivated and energised.

Studies have shown that employees who share communal meals tend to have higher productivity and morale. In fact, a reported 70% of people will eat with their colleagues if they have access to a restaurant or café in the workplace.

By giving people a space to collaborate and connect away from their workstation, businesses are giving their employees the chance to get to know each other and form stronger bonds.

This can also help to encouraging a collective atmosphere throughout the rest of the working day.

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Caring for the planet

A dedicated workplace restaurant or café can also help your people to get a flavour for your values. At Eurest, we work closely with a network of farmers and partners who are just as passionate about the environment as we are. They help us make sure we’re always using local, ethical and sustainable produce in our meals.

At the same time, we’re always looking at ways to cut our carbon footprint – from reducing packaging to increasing plant-based menu items, including our Plantilicious range. This helps us to educate our clients and their people about sustainable foods and being kind to the planet.

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Healthier, happier workplaces

According to the ‘Britain’s Healthiest Workplace’ study in 2019, almost three-quarters of sickness at work was attributed to unhealthy lifestyle choices and poor mental health.

At Eurest, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to show people that they care about their health and wellbeing, and this can be achieved with mindful menus that actively benefit people’s physical and mental health.

As a result, employers can expect to have a workforce that is more focused, robust and less likely to need time off work.

What’s more, having a happy and fulfilled team can also have longer-term benefits, such as reducing staff turnover.

Find out more about our workplace restaurants & cafés

At Eurest, our passion is providing planet-positive catering services that make employees healthy and happy, bring people closer together, and help foster the culture your business needs to succeed.

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