How healthy food catering can boost productivity and resilience in and outside of the workplace

A healthy and balanced diet does more than just keep us physically fit, it’s key to supporting our mental health too. That’s why at Eurest, our catering services not only provide your workforce with healthy, nutritious food and a range of dietary preferences, but also wellbeing programmes specifically designed to support physical and mental performance.

Educating and empowering workforces

According to the 2019 ‘Britain Healthiest Workplace’ study, three quarters of sickness is associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices and poor mental health. To help our clients and their employees stay well, we host weekly ‘Wellness Wednesday’ sessions that aim to educate and empower workforces with knowledge on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy food is a big part of our campaign, but key factors that we explore also include sleep, exercise, mental wellbeing, and sustainability too, all of which contribute to leading a healthier lifestyle.

Not only do our catering services provide your workforce with access to healthy food, but it also helps your employees to form bonds with one another. We know that 70% of people with access to onsite catering will eat with colleagues. This helps to form friendships between employees, which has been proven to create a happier, more productive workplaces.

Healthy Food Catering
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More than just healthy catering

At Eurest, we believe in more than just boosting your company’s performance with healthy catering. We’re also committed to sustainable sourcing, ensure that we know the origins of all our ingredients, and are obsessed with waste reduction.

This helps us to make our food flavourful, mindful, and planet positive. To maximise our impact, we share our knowledge with your employees so that they can eat healthily outside of the workplace too.

That’s why we set up The Kitchen Club, our dedicated programme designed to educate employees through practical, hands-on sessions with our expert chefs.

It’s a great way for employees to learn more about sustainability, diet, and nutrition, as well as being a great way to boost engagement and strengthen relationships.

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Our catering services do more than just provide healthy food. We aim to educate your workforce on how to live a healthy lifestyle, become more sustainable, look after their mental wellbeing, and create a platform for your employees to form relationships with one another.

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