A focus on sustainability

Eco Thursday is the focal point for all things sustainability in our workplace restaurants. On these days we link our activity back to our food offerings - covering key themes like plant-based eating, food waste and provenance.

A day to be eco-friendly

We all know that change is needed to protect the planet, and this starts with proper education.

We equip our people with dedicated materials and expert advice so they can empower the workplaces we serve to make more sustainable choices.

009 Making Change Edinburgh Zoo June 22

Ambition for change

To further drive our ambition for change, we’ve also partnered with the Livestock, Environment and People (LEAP) team at University of Oxford to roll out eco labelling across the business and recipe portfolio.

127 Making Change Edinburgh Zoo June 22

Culinary creativity

With a target of reducing 50% of food waste by 2030, getting creative with leftover ingredients is another huge focus here at Eurest.

Our culinary team have transformed the kitchen culture by squeezing every inch out of our amazing produce to avoid it going in the bin, from chef training to our root-to-tip cooking concept, 'Plenty'.

Food And Beverage Service

Got some food for thought?

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