Five reasons to have in-house food & beverage services

At Eurest, we believe that delicious and nutritious food is the fuel we need to achieve more at work. From kickstarting the day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, to catching up with colleagues over lunch, great-tasting food helps us connect, collaborate and create.

When you implement a food and drink service in the workplace, you’ll be able to keep your people energised and engaged, alongside a whole host of other benefits.

1. Keep your people happy & healthy

Nutrition plays a crucial role in providing the edge needed to go above and beyond. From elite athletes to office workers, foods and fluids positively influence our performance and help people reach their personal best. When you invest in a food and beverage service, you can be confident that your employees are receiving nutritious meals, encourage positive wellbeing behaviours, and keep your workforce happy and healthy.

2. Take care of the planet, one bite at a time

By working alongside food and drink service partners with a passion for planet-friendly nutrition, you’ll be able to champion sustainability every day – whether by reducing food waste and packaging or adopting a plant-forward approach.

3. Diverse food & drink, at your service

Adding variety to your menu helps to keep your workforce engaged and avoid menu fatigue, while encouraging them to try new ingredients and experiment with new flavours.

Our food and beverage service ensures variety across all aspects of our menus, from the cultures we’re inspired by to the different levels of amino acids included for optimum nutrient absorption.

Every day, we make sure our menus give your employees everything they need to work at their very best.

Food And Beverage Service

4. Morale, motivation & productivity

Great in-house food and drink services create an environment for workplace friendships to thrive. We know that 70% of people with access to an onsite restaurant will eat with their colleagues, and that workplace friendships make people more productive and resilient. With access to healthy food on their lunch breaks and friendly faces around the office, your workforce will have the energy, morale and brainfood to keep going.

5. Give your business some love

Hiring a food and beverage service can help your business reduce costs – there are no salaries to pay and there’s no need to source ingredients or equipment. Plus, with nutritious and delicious food giving your workers that extra boost of motivation and productivity, you can be sure your business will be operating at its very best.

Our mindful, planet-positive food & beverage services

At Eurest, we can give your workforce something to look forward to each day. Our food and drink service will help you keep your employees physically and mentally healthy, fuel their concentration, support decision-making, boost productivity and protect the planet along the way.

To find out more about our food and beverage service, simply call us on 0121 457 5207 or email

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