Our sustainability promise

We’re committed to always doing the right thing for the health of our people and the planet, whether we’re sourcing ingredients from local suppliers or dishing up plant-based meals in offices across the country. Why? Because we truly care, and we know that mindful changes can have momentous effects. No matter what, our workplace food experiences are driven by our promise to live more sustainably and responsibly.


Serious about sustainability

We’re serious about sustaining our resources and doing our bit to enhance the wellbeing of millions, whether we’re brewing coffee in workplace cafés, developing menus with seasonal heroes or evaluating our supply chain. Every day, we take a hands-on approach to imagining menus and preparing dishes to help you take care of yourself and the planet. From getting creative in the kitchen to becoming wiser about waste, we find fresh new ways to promote sustainability.

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Plant power for the planet

We’re proud champions of meat-free nutrition in the workplace, as we know that eating more plants is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to be kinder to the planet.

Through Plantilicious, we connect teams to delicious, plant-based meals and snacks that are good for them and for the environment. They’re always healthy, hearty and sustainable – made from responsibly sourced ingredients, with minimal waste at every stage.

Core Green

We’ve successfully scored our entire recipe portfolio from A to E based on environmental factors

Eco labelling

Using expert knowledge from researchers in the Livestock, Environment and People (LEAP) team at University of Oxford, we were the first contract caterer to use eco-labelling after successfully scoring our entire recipe portfolio from A to E based on environmental factors.

We’re proud to have recently partnered with Foodsteps, a UK-based start-up that helps food businesses and consumers to understand the environmental impact of their food. Foodsteps’ impact assessments cover all stages of the process of producing and consuming food. This means they cover every step in a food item's life cycle, from farming, to packaging, transport, cooking and food waste. 


Giving the planet some love

We put our reach and networking skills to work, using our purchasing power for good and collaborating with suppliers to achieve tasty, tangible results. We love to celebrate the best of British, with at least 80% of the ingredients on our menus sourced from UK suppliers.

As responsible contract caterers, we leverage our scale to improve health and happiness wherever and however we can. After all, we’re committed to a better future for our people and planet.

Got some food for thought?

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