Office coffee & café services

Our dedicated coffee brand & café services help your workforce to pause, reflect & connect

The lifeblood of the workplace

According to the British Coffee Association, 82% of people think coffee, tea and refreshment facilities are the most important service features for an effective office or workplace. At Eurest, we believe that coffee plays an essential role at work – fuelling productivity, sparking creativity, and boosting energy. But more than that, it’s a chance for employees to pause and connect.

Coffee by Eurest

Our dedicated brand, Coffee by Eurest, was launched in partnership with Mental Health UK and for every cup we sell, we’ll be making a 5p donation (up to £20,000 in total) to support the charity and their invaluable work.

With three flavourful blends on offer, all our staff are trained to serve a quality cup every time – whether it’s the first drink of the day, your mid-morning pick-me-up or a shared experience during an afternoon catch-up with colleagues.

Supporting Mental Health UK

Mental Health UK connects with people and organisations to provide information, advice and support around mental health. Working across the UK, the charity brings together nearly 50 years of expertise from their four national founding charity partners to improve understanding and provide vital care. The ‘Step by Step’ campaign aims to get people walking and talking, and to help reduce the stigma attached to mental health problems.

Office coffee services

For employers, providing a dedicated coffee service is a way of showing commitment and care to their employees. It’s all about helping people pause, reflect and connect – and become healthier and happier in the process.

Whether it’s a self-service vending item or a push button bean-to-cup, we work hard to understand your business’ needs and deliver the best coffee provision to deliver maximum impact for you and your people.

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