Fuel your office or workplace with our café & coffee services

Did you know that 82% of us think coffee, tea and refreshments are essential for a motivated workplace? Our office café services are designed to supercharge productivity, spark creativity and keep energy levels high while giving everyone in the office a chance to unwind and connect.

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Foster wellness with café services

82% of people agree that regular breaks are essential for productivity, yet 37% say their workplace doesn’t have a suitable area to relax and recharge.  Providing a dedicated café space in the workplace shows employees that you take their wellbeing seriously while giving them permission to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate.

Our café services offer much more than just freshly brewed coffee, with a range of balanced drinks and snacks to nourish workers all day long. From fresh fruit smoothies to deli sandwiches, wraps, salads and more, our café services have everything workers need to stay refuelled and connect with colleagues over lunch.

An array of tea and coffee brands

Explore our curated selection of premium tea and coffee brands, carefully chosen to elevate your office cafe experience. From familiar favourites like Starbucks and Tetley, to award-winning teas from B corporation Good & Proper, we’re proud to offer fresh hot beverages to suit every taste.

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According to our Global Eating at Work survey, workers consume an average of just 3.5 drinks a day, which is not beneficial for their cognitive abilities or mood.

Freshly brewed office coffee

Providing dedicated coffee services in the office shows a commitment and care for your employees. At Eurest, we craft café services tailored to your office’s unique needs, brand and budget - fostering connection and overall wellbeing. With a variety of blends, beans and coffee types, plus a selection of herbal teas, your people can enjoy their favourite drinks throughout the day.

Office coffee services encourage workers to step away from their desks for crucial social time with colleagues. From unplanned interactions to more structured meetings over a delicious cup of tea or coffee, our hot drink services allow you to nurture those vital communications.

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Mental Health UK Partnership

Mental Health UK connects with people and organisations to provide valuable mental health support. Working across the UK, the charity combines nearly 50 years of expertise from their four national founding charity partners to share knowledge and provide vital care.

We’re proud to be part of Mental Health UK’s ‘Step by Step’ campaign, which encourages people to walk, talk and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

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