Why food & drink services are key to employees visiting the workplace more often

While the saying goes there’s no such thing as a free lunch, 77% of business and industry workers feel there should be. In a recent survey we asked more than 1,000 people what would tempt them to come into the workplace every day. Top of the list was free food and drink vending services.

As big advocates for returning to the workplace, here’s why employees may see this is as such an attractive perk - and why it’s also a great benefit to your business.

It’s a social thing

According to the survey, 68% of employees miss the social interaction they’d usually find in a workplace.

But with 78% of employees not wanting to give up remote working, it seems businesses need to offer more than the social aspect to entice employees to come in.

Providing free or subsidised food and drink services offers a strong reason for employees to attend in person and socialise with colleagues.

It encourages teams and departments to mingle during breaks and form collaborative relationships that they’d likely miss out on working remotely.

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It saves them – and businesses - money

With the cost-of-living crisis upon us, many people are looking to their employers to help make their daily costs less of a strain – even beyond that of a pay rise, which employers may assume is the obvious.

When compared to salary increases, bonuses, gym subscriptions and health plans, offering free or subsidised food and drink services is one of the more simple, cost-effective workplace benefits. And it’s likely to be one of the most appreciated, considering it’s something an employee can take advantage of every day.

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It helps them focus

Offering food and drink services at work is a great time-saver, as it takes away the decision of what and where to eat.

It also encourages employees to eat properly and take scheduled breaks – both of which we all know are key to staying engaged and energised enough to deliver well at work.

Our Managing Director, Morag Freathy, said:

"If businesses can turn their restaurants into spaces where people can bond, innovate and collaborate as well as eat and drink, there are positive outcomes for everyone.”

It makes them feel valued

When it comes to employee retention rates, the provision of food and drink services can make a huge difference. According to our data, 73% of employees in a business that has a restaurant would speak highly of their employer to others – compared to just 64% of employees in a business that doesn’t.

Offering food and drink to your employees highlights the proactive attitude your business takes when it comes to their wellbeing and mental health. It also shows you value an employee’s time away from their desk or workstation, and that you encourage the taking of proper breaks.

Here to help

At Eurest, we give your employees something to come into work for. Our flexible food and drink services help people feel mentally and physically well, fuels concentration, supports collaboration, and boosts productivity. We’re also ‘planet positive’ – meaning we use sustainable ingredients wherever we can.

To find out more, simply call us on 0121 457 5207 or email enquiries@eurestfood.co.uk.

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