The benefits of business lunch catering

At Eurest, we believe that business lunch catering can have huge benefits for a company and its employees. Providing people with a diverse range of nutritious snacks, meals and drinks can help to boost productivity and morale and create a healthier workforce by ensuring that a focus on wellbeing becomes a staple part of their day.

That’s why business lunches have long played an important role in improving productivity rates within a company, giving employees time to socialise, recharge and revitalise their minds in preparation for the rest of the working day.

Are employees getting the most out of their lunch breaks?

A 2018 study found that the average lunch break lasts just 22 minutes, with some workers reporting excessive workloads, unexpected tasks and not enough nearby dining options as the reasons for missing lunch.

Another study found that between 66% and 82% of workers don’t always take their breaks, with key influences being social and work relationships, feeling guilty or anxious about taking a break, and being too busy with work.

In the workplace, we know that over 70% of people with access to an onsite restaurant will eat with their colleagues.

By providing business lunch catering services, companies can not only offer their employees a healthy and balanced diet, but also the chance to mix with their peers and form friendships.

Business Catering
Business Lunch Catering

Enriching lunch breaks with business catering

At Eurest, we believe that forming bonds with work colleagues can lead to higher productivity rates and can significantly boost engagement, ultimately leading to better employee wellbeing and a reduction in staff turnover.

Business lunch catering also allows businesses to create a healthier workforce.

By providing healthy food options to employees at their place of work, businesses can promote food with ingredients that help to create a balanced and healthy diet.

This can help to boost concentration, lift moods, combat fatigue, improve memory, and increase employee engagement and morale.

Eurest’s business lunch catering services

At Eurest, we provide flavourful, mindful, planet-positive food, providing your workforce with something to look forward to each day. We believe that the healthier and happier your workforce are, the more productive they can be. That’s why our business lunch catering services enable employees to have a healthy and balanced diet, helping fuel their concentration, decision making, and productivity. 

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