Four reasons why commercial businesses should outsource food services to expert caterers

Having in-house caterers for your commercial business is more than just a ‘perk of the job’. It’s an investment in your company’s culture – helping your employees to feel valued, motivated, and part of something at work.

Whether it be an office deli, workplace restaurant, warehouse canteen or café bar, including food services within your workplace shows you support your employee’s lifestyles, and demonstrates a holistic approach to their overall wellbeing and sense of purpose.

If you’re thinking of investing in food services for your business, here’s our reasons why that decision will be a great investment for your company culture.

1. It’ll break those employee silos

At Eurest we know that food brings people together. Having catering services in-house encourages people to come away from their work, re-charge, and chat to colleagues they might not typically cross paths with.

These casual interactions build trust, generate new ideas, and encourage different ways of thinking.

In our recent workplace study, 43% of people said they’d visit their workplace more often if additional benefits were offered such as a staff restaurant.

By investing in food services for your commercial business gives employees an opportunity to come into the office, meet and connect – be that through breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

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2. Healthy employees, healthy business

It goes without saying that food and fluids are vital for boosting employee work performance. When people feel nourished and rested from taking a proper break, they’re more likely to go above and beyond in their work efforts.

When commercial businesses invest in in-house food services, it gives their employees the chance to re-fuel and re-energise through food and refreshments, where and when they need it.

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3. It shows you care

Having a staff restaurant shows employees you care about the times they’re not physically working.

It also shows you encourage your employees to take proper breaks - because you know how critical down-time is when it comes to employee happiness and personal performance.

As responsible caterers, we’ve partnered with Mental Health UK because we care about providing people and workplaces with the right resources to support wellbeing.

We’re here to facilitate great breaks - providing people with nutritious food and the opportunity to build social connections at work.

4. It helps with new recruits

We know that employees are more likely to speak highly of their employer to others outside of their organisation if they have in-house food and beverage services. We also know that 55% of people feel more positive* about joining a company with in-house catering options.

Employee food services within a commercial business is an attractive benefit when it comes to recruitment. It shows a commitment to employee wellbeing, and helps your company stand out against competitors.

Consider Eurest to invest in your company culture

At Eurest, we give your employees something to look forward to every day. Our food and drink services helps people feel mentally and physically well, fuels concentration, supports collaboration, and boosts productivity. We’re also ‘planet positive’ – meaning we use sustainable ingredients wherever we can.

To find out more, simply call us on 0121 457 5207 or email us at


*The Strength of Weak Ties, by Mark S. Granovetter, 1973. American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 78, No. 6. p1360-1380.SOURCE: E15 December 2021 Workplace Research

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