How on-site catering companies can help to boost employee performance

At Eurest, we know that companies in the UK are often searching for ways to help their people get the best from each day in the workplace. We believe that food provision can play a big part in boosting the performance of employees, and by connecting your company with on-site catering solutions, you’ll experience a range of benefits for both you and your team.

After all, catering companies do a lot more than just provide your workforce with nutritious food, as essential as that is. At Eurest we aim to create environments that allow your employees to connect, collaborate, and form workplace bonds that ultimately increase resilience and boost performance.

Support wellbeing through mindful catering

We believe that looking after your employees’ physical and mental wellbeing should always be a top priority, and this is where catering companies can lend a hand. By introducing planet-positive catering solutions, with menus and initiatives designed with physical and mental health in mind, you’ll be able to show employees you care about their wellbeing and that you’re willing to invest in it.

From increasing concentration and combatting fatigue, to lifting moods and strengthening morale, catering can provide a long list of performance-boosting benefits. Ultimately, giving your employees access to nutritious food and beverages can enable them to achieve a balanced and healthy diet.

As well as promoting a balanced diet, catering companies like Eurest help to create environments for workers to mix, mingle and form friendships, with recent studies showing that 70% of people who have access to an on-site restaurant opting to eat with colleagues

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Encourage friendships through food

As on-site catering helps to encourage the development of workplace friendships – whether over a much-needed morning coffee or flavourful lunch – you’ll likely see an increase in happiness and motivation amongst your company’s employees.

This engaged, collaborative atmosphere can not only help your business to perform, but also reduce staff turnover as your culture develops and attracts talent. At Eurest, we know that positive dining environments encourage us to socialise, recharge, and revitalise our minds at work – and the same is true for your team.

A study from 2019 found that three-quarters of sickness at work is associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices and poor mental health. At Eurest, we know that by educating employees, we can help them develop a balanced diet, keep them healthy, and ultimately reduce absenteeism. That’s why we’re committed to teaching people about sustainability, diet, and nutrition via hands-on sessions.

Reduce your impact on the planet

At Eurest, our catering services do more than just help your team get the best from each day; we also play a big part in lowering your company’s carbon footprint.

By partnering with a business that’s committed to delivering a sustainable approach, we can help you to reduce food waste, champion nutrition through plant-forward menus, and educate your team on how to have a positive environmental impact.

As one of the UK’s favourite workplace catering companies, we know we’ve got a responsibility to share our passion for the planet with every team we work alongside. That’s why we’ve launched a variety of planet-friendly initiatives, from our meat-free Plantilicious range to Fresh, our workplace hospitality solution that champions local suppliers and recyclable packaging.

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