A great first impression: Four ways catering can boost your corporate image

From enhancing a sense of community to showing dedication towards employee wellbeing, introducing catering to your corporate workplace could work wonders for your company image – while helping you attract the right customers, clients and employees.

Read on to find out how a catering partner such as Eurest could be a great investment for your company’s reputation.

1. Shows you advocate employee wellness

For full time workers, roughly 60% of their total daily food intake will take place within an average working day - meaning food choices made inside the workplace can have a huge impact on health and feelings of wellness.

By offering food services that prioritise nourishment and balanced menus will show that your business is taking employee wellness seriously.

Plus, with a study finding that between 66% and 82% of workers don’t always take their breaks due to feelings of guilt, offering food in-house shows you encourage much-needed break times.

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2. Corporate catering helps highlight your wider commitments

The concepts of social responsibility and sustainability have been around for decades, but in more recent years it’s become a critical talking point in the corporate space. With 66% of UK workers saying employers have a responsibility to pro-actively promote sustainability in the workplace, as well as 45% of Gen Z saying they want to work for companies that make a positive difference, it’s a topic that businesses must take seriously.

Implementing corporate catering services that prioritise sustainable practice and community initiatives will highlight your company's commitment to these values, while enhancing your corporate reputation.

3. Positions your business as forward-thinking

We know from our recent Global Eating at Work 2023 survey, clients and consumers want more innovation in the workplace. All generations are using apps to order food and drink, the most prevalent usage seen from Gen Z and Millennials but also from 50% of Gen X. By investing in our high-quality, health-focused catering, we believe that corporate and office-based companies are making an investment in their future.

We’ve seen a real boom in technological advances within the corporate world in recent times, especially with hybrid working now very much the norm - and workplace catering has been no exception.

From frictionless stores to employee food ordering apps like Time2Eat and Eatfirst, catering technology can bring a host of forward-thinking approaches to your corporate workplace that, in turn, could help put your business in an innovative spotlight.

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4. Encourages an attractive culture

We know most people with access to onsite catering will eat with colleagues. This means that by offering food services, you’re encouraging friendships and more collaborative working relationships between employees.

After all, it’s your employees that bring your company culture to life, and fostering a lively, collaborative environment is not only a great look for your business but makes your workplace more attractive to new recruits.

Corporate catering from Eurest

Through consciously crafted dishes that nourish employees and fuel their productivity, we champion socially and environmentally responsible catering for companies that people truly want to be part of.

To find out more, simply call us on 0121 457 5207 or email enquiries@eurestfood.co.uk

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