Brewing up success: how office coffee services can benefit your business

Drinking coffee is synonymous with the office environment, and it’s now more or less an employee expectation that businesses provide it. However, managing coffee supplies and associated equipment can be a hassle, and do-it-yourself machines often fall short in providing a high-quality experience.

This is where having on-site office coffee services comes in. If you’re thinking about whether introducing this to your workplace could be beneficial, read on to find out the ways a professional coffee service could bring success to your business.

Coffee is proven to stimulate productivity

Extensive research has shown that caffeine consumption is associated with an increase in alertness, concentration and performance.

With a dedicated office coffee service, employees have access to top-quality coffee throughout the day, which is especially useful during busy periods when they might need a boost to stay on top of their workload.

Employees will also appreciate the choice of blends, beans and coffee types that tend to come with in-house coffee services, as they can tailor and select their drink of choice to suit their mood and preferences throughout the working day.

Through coffee services like ours here at Eurest, businesses can tailor their offering to suit their brand and budget – including high street names like Café Nero and Starbucks, Eurest’s own-brand coffee and a variety of Nescafe solutions.

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It shows you care & offers opportunity to add social value

Providing an office coffee service demonstrates that your workplace takes a proactive attitude when it comes to employee wellbeing and mental health.

Serving delicious coffee is a great way to make employees feel valued, and shows you encourage time away from workstations to make conversation, relax and rejuvenate.  

Social enterprises allow businesses to try out new approaches to creating social value for the people and communities surrounding them, and there’s plenty of opportunity for this in the world of coffee.

Coffee is a widely-know social tool. Drinking a cup with colleagues has the power to solve problems, initiative conversation and spark connections. That’s why implementing a dedicated space for coffee in your workplace is great for creating community and helping cross-departmental colleagues come together.

Considered coffee services for your workplace

Our coffee services are designed to help you meet your sustainability goals while giving your employees something to come into work for.

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