Easy workplace eating: a growing appetite 

Consumer behaviour has taken a seismic shift recently, with the workplace witnessing a growing employee appetite for technology-driven, more efficient ways of eating and drinking.  

The latest chapter in the Global Eating at Work Survey from Compass Group UK & Ireland and Mintel has revealed that 77% of employees are actively pursuing more autonomy and flexibility at work – a demand fuelled by the need for workplaces to accommodate diverse working and eating preferences that make work, rest and eating a seamless, personalised experience. 

Employees know what – and how - they want to eat

Easy, convenient access to nutritious food makes a huge difference in employee wellbeing, boosting productivity and job performance. 66% of employees know that what they eat at work has a direct impact on their overall productivity, with 85% agreeing regular breaks are essential.

These findings highlight a need for employers to offer quick access to healthy food while making it easy for employees to take a proper break – something that cutting-edge food technology can facilitate. 

Technology can bridge the convenience gap

After value for money, 34% of employees consider proximity the most crucial factor when choosing a place to eat. Where physical distance to on-site food services presents a challenge, technology can help bridge that gap.

Mobile apps, digital kiosks, frictionless micro markets and smart vending allows workers to pre-order, browse menus or self-checkout to save valued break time.  

As digital natives, younger employees show more interest in food technology than their older colleagues and, perhaps unsurprisingly, have a higher expectation to see and use it in the workplace.

68% of Gen Z said they’re happy to order food and drink via an app, compared to 50% of older generations. These findings show a need for more focused efforts around marketing the benefits of food technology to older generations.  

a barista making a coffee as part of micromarket solutions for businesses

Innovative workplace food services  

At Eurest, we make convenient workplace dining easy. Our innovative food and drink services are designed to promote employee wellbeing, collaboration and productivity while helping you meet your sustainability goals.    

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