Beyond salary: Young employees crave shared values

In the ever-changing landscape of today's work culture, the focus has shifted beyond mere transactions. It's now about building connections through employment. Job seekers aren't just chasing a pay increase; they're on a mission to shape a career that seamlessly aligns with their lifestyle and diverse priorities. Keep reading to discover the insightful findings, facts and figures from our latest Global Eating at Work Survey.

Shifting priorities post-pandemic

Post-pandemic, priorities have taken a significant turn. In the UK, there's a newfound emphasis on social connections, health and the environment. Across the pond, US Millennials are directing their focus towards financial well-being, mental health and shared values. Globally, consumers are recalibrating their priorities, adopting a stringent moral compass tailored for the modern world. 

Embracing moral codes

An impressive 56% of individuals worldwide say they navigate life with a strict moral code. There's a growing appetite for knowledge, with 76% delving deeper into brands and social issues. A noteworthy finding is that 48% of US Millennials now view championing causes as paramount.

Empowered by this moral compass, consumers actively participate, with 55% standing ready to boycott unethical companies and 64% favouring associations that align with their values. 

The talent war is guided by shared values

The war for talent is undergoing a transformation where employees are seeking ways in which employers can better support and bolster their values. 60% meticulously scrutinise benefits, which escalates to 70% among the Gen Z cohort.

Diversity, equality and inclusion are top priorities when contemplating career changes, and over half of employees believe employers should offer paid days off to volunteer for charity.  

In the UK, 54% consider an employer's environmental policies, reaching a high of 71% among Gen Z. Diversity and inclusion are indispensable for 71%, with Gen Z leading the charge at 74%.

74% of employees anticipate support in the cost-of-living crisis, 77% advocate for general wellbeing programs and 71% seek employers who champion sustainability. 

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