We’re interested in what food can do

Our plates are put together with impact in mind. We want our guests to love every bite, and leave a little more energised, engaged or enlightened than when they arrived.

We also care deeply about the impact our food has beyond our walls. We’re committed to sustainable sourcing, passionate about provenance and obsessed with waste reduction. We believe in seasonality and search out the best suppliers and social enterprises.

It’s all about making food that tastes good, looks good and does good too, for the maximum possible benefit.

Our food is:


Our first priority is to make food that tastes delicious. Eating with us should always be a joy, not a chore.


We take a nutrition-first approach and aim to offer a perfect balance in every dish.


We use sustainable ingredients wherever we can, from plant-based proteins to under-used ‘ugly fish’.

And we always do it responsibly and sustainably, so that we can all go further, together.

Kitchen Club

Now we’re cooking.

The Kitchen Club is one of the things we’re most proud.  It’s our way of sharing our knowledge and experience, and maximising our impact.

Through practical, hands-on sessions with our expert chefs, which can be carried out either onsite or virtually, the Club gives employees a chance to boost their culinary competencies, build their confidence, and learn more about sustainability, diet and nutrition.

It’s also a great way to build engagement and strengthen bonds – because nothing brings people together like cooking a good meal.


We’re honest.  Ethical.  The future for everyone.

We are Plantilicious and we make delicious, meat-free meals and snacks that are good for you, and good for the planet.

They’re always healthy.  They’re always hearty.  And they’re always sustainable – made from responsibly sourced ingredients, with minimal waste at every stage.

The power of plant based food production:

Up to

80% less

carbon footprint*

Up to

75% less

land use*

Up to

80% less

energy use*

*3rd party report.  Screening Life Cycle Assessment of Garden Gourmet “Cook from Raw” range consumed in Europe and the United States.  Critically reviewed study.  Sonia Petzold (NPTC Singen) and Namy Espinoza Orias (Nestlé Research).  July 2019.  ®Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.

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