The power of coffee

At Eurest, we know that a quality coffee offering is an integral part of the workplace

Quality in every cup

It’s not only about employee satisfaction: coffee has also become a hidden driver of productivity. Because, as employers are increasingly aware, what’s good for employee wellbeing is also good for business performance*. We believe providing the right coffee experience does more than make employees feel valued: it drives collaboration, forges connections and increases engagement, all of which, in turn, drive productivity.

Nearly 75% of employees say 'great quality' coffee is important at work**. But what does that mean? Great taste is a must-have, but there are other factors too. Sometimes, speed and convenience are key. At others, it’s all about taking time out. 

Sustainably sourced

Sustainability is a big issue when it comes to coffee. We’re committed to supporting our farmers and the communities in which they live, and preserving natural resources. Water conservation, carbon emission reduction and community programmes are integrated into our supply chain. We consistently look to improve our sustainability credentials and embrace new technologies, such as blockchain, where we can. And we select coffee partners who share and complement our values, and those of our clients.

We choose our coffee partners carefully, to ensure the right mix of taste, quality and credentials, whatever the set-up. Whether it’s a quick self-service soluble, a push button bean to cup, or a full barista experience, we work hard to understand what’s required, and provide the offer that will deliver maximum impact for our clients.

* StreetTalk “Workplace Drinking and Snacking” 2019

**  “Coffee in the Workplace” Report, ISIC the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee 2017 – Top two contributors to productivity were ‘Taking Short Breaks’ and ‘Drinking Coffee’.