Our relationship with Porsche has flourished over the years. In the past year alone, we have launched a sustainability strategy that includes tackling food waste, we’ve increased the number of plant-based menus and created engaging food experiences that are industry-leading.

Porsche HQ in Reading is home to around 280 employees and the restaurant is a vibrant hub where meetings take place alongside employees relaxing and refuelling. Porsche has a pleasant and attractive environment where high-quality service is expected, and Eurest certainly didn’t disappoint with 76% of employees dining in the staff restaurant on a regular basis.

Porsche was keen to entice employees back into the office, and so we collaborated with them to help attract the workforce to return with a high-quality, consistent food and beverage offering.

Elevating the service

This long-established partnership with the employee restaurant in Reading, which started in 2015, is continually evolving. In 2021 we worked together to redesign the restaurant, moving away from the traditional straight counter and introducing a new concept with a style of dining that truly puts the customer at the heart of the offer. The central servery area ensures that employees can move around the counter with ease.

Customers can make informed meal choices from a self-serve salad bar, and a sandwich bar, to all their favourite traditional main meals. Meat-free Mondays are now a regular part of the menu, encouraging positive dietary choices and helping to reduce Porsche’s carbon footprint. Another winner is our range of cakes and pastries which are produced on-site. 

Simple changes to crockery have taken the food to the next level and helped to display the seasonal dishes to their best effect.       

Our close partnership with Porsche, has allowed us to ensure that the food adds synergy to their health and sustainability strategy.

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Sustainability at its heart

At Eurest, we believe that small, simple actions – such as eating less meat and more plants – can go a long way, and so over the past year, the food offer has developed to include more plant-based items throughout the week.

Working with the Porsche Environmental team we have removed all disposables from the site and are now reviewing changes that can be made in the kitchen to reduce the carbon footprint of all the kitchen equipment. Our partnership never stands still and we are constantly looking at ways to drive service and innovation in all areas of the business.

One great example of helping to give the consumer the tools to make the best choice is our eco-labelling. Experts from LEAP at the University of Oxford score all of the menus from A to E based on environmental factors. Getting clarity around how we can reduce the environmental impact of our food is helping to drive real behaviour change, “nudging” them to healthier and more sustainable choices.

Exceptional customer experience, all of the time

A spokesperson at Porsche Reading commented:

“Our offering at Porsche is outstanding. The attention to detail, the variety of offerings and the unique concepts that emerge from Eurest really do excite the staff at our headquarters. Comparing the pre-2015 offering and uptake to now, the figures and customer feedback really do speak for themselves. We're happy to have such a reliable provider like Eurest, who truly understands us and where we want to take the customer experience in the future. Eurest also provides our front-of-house food at the Porsche Experience Centre Silverstone, which is centred on luxury and high-end for our retail customers.

Both locations are truly linked, with our visitors and employees enjoying a comparable luxury experience every day in our restaurant and coffee bar. Our building's focal point is the cuisine, which keeps our employees coming back every day. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our joint venture”

Got some food for thought?

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