Future of Food & Work

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Brian Cook PhD

Nuffield Dep. Of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford

The University of Oxford’s LEAP research programme is exploring big questions of how what we eat affects our health and the environment. Brian looks specifically at insights from behavioural sciences into how to help consumers make healthier and more sustainable food choices.

Lindsay Boswell

CEO Fareshare

Lindsey talks about his work with suppliers, and the importance of sharing produce with the wider community. He expands on how sustainability is now as big a business issue as profitability, and the collaborations with Compass on teaching cooks in shelters and charities on food waste.

Helenor Rodgers

Co founder TrooFoods Ltd

Helenor discusses how we can help people live longer, happier and healthier lives through making better food and lifestyle choices; with a particular focus on gut health. She also speaks about the importance of a healthy breakfast and what it should contain.

Amy Fetzer

Head of Research & Analysis, Footprint

Amy talks about getting inside customers’ minds. Based on research with Compass customers, she shares insights on how a deeper understanding of what customers define as healthy can be combined with psychology and nudges to encourage healthier diets when eating out.

Rosie Ginday MBE

CEO, Miss Macaroon

Rosie discusses Miss Macaroon’s business model and the effect of the social enterprise – where 100% of profits are reinvested in providing training and jobs for long term unemployed people. She also talks about target customers, their experiences, and predictions for the future market.

Ollie Hunter

Head of Development, Kerb

Ollie discusses how street food has grown incredibly in the last 5 years, what’s is behind this trend, and whether it will last? What customers want from Street Food; how can larger companies tap into that market, what big trends are coming up, and what Kerb do differently from others.

Liz Forte & Ryan Holmes

B&I, Compass Group UK & I

Liz talks about the psychology of food, and the impact of what we eat has on our lives both at work and home. She discusses how we are all more aware of what we’re eating, and the importance food has on good health. Ryan talks about three important aspects of great food at work; that food needs to be flavourful; that nutrition is a vital component; and the importance of being planet-positive, using sustainable ingredients and minimising waste - Ryan also shares a really cool recipe for food waste tacos.

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