Future of Food & Work

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Cemal Ezal

Founder & CEO, Change Please

Leading an inspirational Social Enterprise transforming the lives of people in the coffee industry, Cemal discusses socially responsible coffee, and the impact on customers. He talks about the role of coffee in the post-Covid era, how it can help us rebuild our habits and routines, and the significance of social enterprise in the world where 38% of millennials say they’re prepared to reduce their interaction with businesses that don’t give back to the community and environment.

Liz Forte

Health & Wellness Director, B&I, Compass Group UK & I

Liz invites us to hear about the importance of coffee in the workplace and its ability to bring people together, about coffee as a significant & growing commodity and one that’s set to continue to grow. She explores the different trends that are fuelling the continued rise of coffee and how it relates specifically to the UK workplace.

David Abrahamovitch

Founder of Grind

David talks about the founding of London coffee chain Grind and the natural progression from coffee to cocktails. He explains the success of a day to night model, and the benefits of online subscriptions.

Benjamin Dubois

Manager of Technologies for Trust & Transparency. Corporate Operations, Nestle

Benjamin talks about the transparency journey Nestlé has been on, in order to leverage technology to build trust with consumers, about adapting to changing consumer demands, and progressing towards social and environmental sustainability commitments.

Ben Waber

President & Co-founder of Humanyze

Ben discusses how using communication data from existing corporate systems like e-mail, calendars, and in-office sensors, means we can understand the impact of the work environment on collaboration in fundamentally new ways. Looking across the largest dataset on workplace interaction in the world, Ben will show how we're able to examine the surprisingly strong impact of office amenities like coffee machines and cafes, and how these patterns are shifting due to the unprecedented shift to working from home.

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