Good news!

We’ve partnered with our suppliers and culinary teams to deliver care packages and cooking competitions during the Covid crisis. As well as inspiring some fantastic new recipes, it’s been great for mental health and created a real sense of community and belonging. We may not all be together, but we can still look out for each other. 

Heart & Soul

Eating and drinking are social activities, and we’re people-people through-and-through.

There are over 4,000 of us in the Eurest team – and everyone, from porters to planners, from buyers to baristas, has a crucial role to play.

Our wider network stretches way beyond our walls and includes likeminded experts and innovators from inside and outside the industry, all united by a passion for health and wellness in the workplace.

Our people

We’re proud to have created a supportive environment, where people are empowered and challenged to deliver the best.

We know our people are our most important asset, so we take an innovative approach to recruitment, and stay proactive when it comes to career paths. We’re focused on talent – whatever the initial skill level – and when we find it, we develop and reward it, so that our people can grow with us. 

Our approach means that all Eurest teams know what it takes to go the extra mile – and they do.

Training is designed to engage, connect and upskill our teams across the country.

Culinary roadshows focus on practical skills and encourage networking and mentoring. Knowledge sharing is built in, so that insights and best practice are shared across every part of our network.