Improving engagement and skills through food

The kitchen club is designed to bring your teams together, develop their culinary skills and raise awareness about nutrition

What is The Kitchen Club?

The Kitchen Club is our dedicated initiative that allows food experts to share their knowledge, expertise and skills with your employees. It gives employers an opportunity to deliver a team bonding exercise, while providing fun activities outside of the workplace. It’s a great way of building employee engagement and encouraging collaboration, because nothing brings people together more than cooking a delicious and nutritious meal.

How it works

Kitchen Club sessions can be held onsite or virtually, with both formats teaching everything from knife skills to key principles of nutrition. There is also the opportunity to ask questions directly to the chefs during each session.

Every person booked onto a virtual session receives a detailed recipe card, equipment preparation sheet and either a shopping list or hamper full of mouth-watering ingredients.

Let’s get cooking!

Through practical, hands-on sessions, The Kitchen Club gives employees a chance to boost their culinary skill, build their confidence in the kitchen, and learn more about sustainability, diet and nutrition.

The carefully crafted cook-a-longs are delivered by our expert culinary director, Ryan Holmes, and his team of chefs and nutritionists.

Building healthier workplaces

The Kitchen Club is way for employees to connect, engage and learn new skills – something that our in-house expert believes leads to healthier workplaces:

“Employees enjoy learning about nutrition and improving their culinary skills. This also leads to healthier workplaces, where people are more aware of the nutritional content of what they’re eating. For employers it’s another way of showing employees they’ve considered their needs and want to support their wellbeing” Ryan Holmes – Culinary Director

Get in touch

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