The invaluable impact of food on health and wellness

Our healthy food and diverse catering options help to connect people

Great food increases productivity & resilience

In the workplace, we know that 70% of people with access to an onsite restaurant will eat with colleagues and that work friendships make people more productive and resilient at work.

The idea of building resilience is one that is being talked about in all areas, including the workplace. The American Psychological Association listed 10 things to build resilience – building connections was top of the list.

Wellness Wednesdays

Fuelling workplaces across the UK, we know the impact our food has beyond our walls. Wellness Wednesdays aims to educate and empower your workforce. This health and wellbeing campaign creates a focal point for accessible expert advice every single week, both on-site and online.

We believe in a holistic approach to nudging the nation’s lifestyle. Wellness Wednesdays will go beyond nutrition as we explore sleep, exercise, mental wellbeing and sustainability too.

Food at work

Food at work is a big part of the Employer value proposition, and the employee experience. We know that employees believe that it shows care, and that it influences the attraction & retention of talent. Food provision at work has an important role to play in helping us feel normal, connect with colleagues and drive a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

The healthier and happier we are, the more productive we can be. On the other hand, even in normal times, absence through ill health costs UK business around £91 billion a year. And according to the 2019 ‘Britain’s Heathiest Workplace’ study, it’s estimated that three quarters of this sickness is associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices and poor mental health. How we address this in the workplace is key to creating sustainable solutions that enhance daily lives, rather than preach or make people feel they are having to choose.

The power of healthy food

We know nutrition plays a crucial role in providing the edge needed by elite athletes to become champions and for the operational readiness of our armed forces. Foods and fluids, in the right quantity and at the right time, can positively influence our performance. In fact they could be the difference between achieving a silver or gold medal at the Olympics, reaching a personal best or having the physical and mental endurance required for military operations.

In a similar way, your diet choices may influence your performance at work. Nutrition is an essential part to building strong foundations for your health and wellbeing. It provides the energy to fuel concentration, decision making ability and productivity- especially important when trying to meet tight deadlines or developing new ideas! That’s why we provide a choice of foods for a range of dietary preferences and have a health and wellbeing programme specifically designed to support your physical and mental performance and resilience.

Love plants with Plantilicious

Research told us that 53% of diners would like to see more vegetarian or vegan options*, so we created Plantilicious – a range of delicious, good-to-eat and good-for-you plant-based dishes.

As well as being healthy, a plant-based approach to eating is better for the environment. Our Plantilicous dishes have a low carbon footprint and reduce energy and land use. And when 58% of diners judge green credentials on menu options*, that matters.

Food & Mental Heath

Well Connected? - By Liz Forte, Health & Wellness Director